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Factory Works



Quality Raw Material

Angels uPVC Pipes are made of best quality raw materials available in market and Biaxially Oriented, Mixing of raw materials is done using an universal mixture formula with proper heating and cooling hence it offers high tensile strength and durability to all products.

World Class Machines

Our Pipes are manufactured from high end Mixture and Extruder machine which help us produce flawless product. And threading is also done using CNC machines which makes it precise enough to sustain certain pressure & load.

In-house Testing

All the batches produces are tested in in house laboratory which comprises of thread strength testing, elongation testing, Impact testing, Hydro pressure Testing, Density Testing, and Tensile & Compressive testing so that all the products are good enough to reach the end user.

Plant Capacity
  • Mixing Capacity Per Machine : 11 tons/day, 280 tons/month
  • Extrusion Capacity Per Machine : 06 tons/day, 156 tons/month
  • CNC Threading Capacity Per Machine : 400 nos./day, 10400 nos./month
  • Plant capacity expansion coming soon at another location. more than 4-time production capacity


Testimony to Angels Polytech Pvt. Ltd.’s Quality Consciousness can be found through the certificates and commemorations that the Company has received. some of those credentials are listed below:

Quality Certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • CE
  • BEE (IS:694)

Covering the Quality systems constituted and followed by us.